Bladerunner weather

Friends dubbed last year’s winter ‘Narnia’, it went on so long, with snow falling on Easter Sunday. This year the winter reminds me of Bladerunner, as I negotiate city streets through day after day of rain. Today, as I hurried past scaffolding ominously flapping in 50 mph winds, I realised that the weather is both depressing and invigorating me.

All over the country, but especially in the Somerset Levels, or Dawlish, where a rail track transformed into to a rope bridge overnight, we’ve been staring awe-struck – and sometimes aghast – at what nature can do. It’s like we’ve belatedly realised – duh! we’re part of an ecosystem, not separate from it, not above it.

The big elephant in the room, Climate Change, oh we’ve so tried to ignore it and get on with our lives –is roaring and pouring and squalling at us.  And yet, even now, BBC news online discusses the causes of the wettest winter for over 100 years without mentioning climate change once (

I told you so, I told you so- I can almost hear the voice in my head as I dodge the rainwater waves thrown by speeding cars. This is exactly as predicted. Mainstream reality, as doled out by the media and business as usual, has ignored the scientists, the activists, the Occupiers, the film makers, the artists, the many many people who care enough to send warnings, to carry out studies, to plea, to show another way. But this is harder to ignore. This is really beginning to cause serious inconvenience.

Dried off, indoors,  I watch silent aerial TV footage of more Biblical flood scenes from around the country. The water’s creeping closer to the capital now, with 2,000 homes in the Thames Valley affected. The camera sweeps over a huge Gothic pile, with towers and ironically a swimming pool, marooned on a tiny plateau. Middle England is going to wake up.

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2 Responses to Bladerunner weather

  1. mat says:

    A very well written piece. Call me a cynical old git, though, but I’m not convinced Middle England is on the verge of waking up. I just think there will be a lot of moaning


  2. mat says:

    Me again. I’ve also examined climate change, though from a slightly different perspective –


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