On time and patterns

for ‘our pictures, your words’ event at the fantastic Made in Greenwich gallery May 2015.

Inspired by Nicola White’s fish, Deborah Larne’s Signs of Serendipity (and accompanying music) and David Weekes’ Greenwich railway station painting, all part of a Made in Greenwich current exhibition.  And also the wonderful book Journey of the Universe! With thanks to Adrian Harris for telling me about this exhibition…

Tonight my lucky numbers might come up
Or I might go out and take the train
And if I do, who knew – I’d end up bumping into you
Under a Greenwich street lamp in driving rain.

Seven notes describe a pattern
Just as rigorously random
As time and tides, our loves and lives,
From Seven seas came scales and eyes.

We climbed up and out and onto land
Had dinner parties, shopped, got tanned
Plates got made and glasses smashed
Promises were broken, the planet trashed.

And now fish watch the busy street
The buses, tourists, ‘Subway’ sign
Blue green glass, unblinking eyes
Swimming silently outside of time.

Thrown up, cast off, smashed up and glued together
Welded, forged, destroyed and made
By human hands and weather.

They watch me hurtle down the street
In peace they watch the planet turn
They know that from the sea we came
And to the sea we will return.


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1 Response to On time and patterns

  1. Adrian Harris says:

    Lovely! I’m struck by the tension between ‘the unblinking eyes’ of the fish, ‘Swimming silently outside of time’ and the somewhat manic planet trashing behaviour of humans.


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