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Walls come tumbling down

‘But it’s got no zip!’ I’m staring down at a limp piece of khaki-coloured plastic, laid out on a darkening woodland floor. It’s a bivvy bag, but not like the one I used last time, which was thick and had … Continue reading

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On foraging

I’m writing this in response to a recent column in the Independent on foraging. The column by CJ Schuler was prompted by destructive, commercial foraging of wild garlic at a local ancient woodland in south London.  Any foraging, let alone … Continue reading

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Tree flowers

I’ve really enjoyed noticing flowering trees this spring, hungry for signs that the Narnian winter was on its way out. Many wind-pollinated trees put out tiny flowers before, or alongside, their leaves, as leaves can get in the way of … Continue reading

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Two weeks of silence and poetry

I recently spent two weeks on a silent meditation retreat deep in the Scottish Highlands. I’ve done a silent retreat before but it was only 7 days long, and it was four years ago. I don’t meditate as regularly as … Continue reading

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Growing back to nature…

Combing my hair gave me a bit of a fright recently. Combing my locks over the bath,  I found several of these: They felt brittle and unlike normal hair follicles. And the root was so big, and tough; could these … Continue reading

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