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Shocks to the system – response to the riots

Like many people living in cities across the UK,  I was deeply upset by the riots last week  – but not entirely surprised. And like other people, the social problems I’m used to seeing within the city came one step … Continue reading

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Knitting: when a scarf becomes conceptual

I’ve finally finished the scarf I started two years ago. Someone came round, saw it, and asked: ‘Is it conceptual?’ It’s quirky and a bit random, like its owner. I recommend using these 15mm needles if you’re a beginner. You … Continue reading

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The New Home Front

Most people are concerned about the climate change threat and know that not enough is being done enough to avert it. And yet our politicians dither and fail to act. If all the collective pledges made the Copenhagen Accord to cut carbon were actually … Continue reading

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Self-sufficiency: the challenge

  I’m attempting to do something radical. Something elusive. Something we all talk about nowadays, but rarely pull off.  I’m trying to simplify my life. I want to wean myself off the supermarket, and to produce some of the food that I eat. I want … Continue reading

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