Hello, this blog is about the attempts I’m making to simplify my life and my insights along the way. I’m a woman working the 9-5 in inner-city London, not a self-sufficiency guru living a rural utopia.

Nevertheless, I want to get closer to nature, grow some of my own food and learn to make and repair things. I want to reclaim my time and mental space for the important things, like creativity. So that I can connect with others, write and share poems and stories. As smart phones and social norms push us to spend the best part of our lives online, I’m looking for ways to make use of technology without being used by it. And I want to nurture the seeds of joy in my life.

I believe that simplifying is one of the most radical responses I can make to the current world order, a powerful way of saying  ‘no, I don’t believe in this’. 

My taking this step won’t change a global economic system which is destroying lives and ecosystems at an ever greater rate. But it’s one way of taking a stand and there are thousands, if not millions of us attempting this worldwide. Radically simplifying doesn’t have to require a country cottage and a TV franchise. We can start here, in the cities where most of us live, with all their myriad resources and problems.

These are the questions my blog explores:

How can I have a good life?

How can I play my part in helping change the system for the better without being overwhelmed? 

How can I solve the conundrum posed so well by this cartoon?

I’ll be sharing mine, and others’ responses to this ever more urgent question.  Sometimes it will be in a direct ‘top 10 how to’ way and other times the answer may be more poetic – or funny. Either way, I hope my blog will be useful and inspiring.

I want to learn from all the rest of you out there on the same path – what tips and inspiration can you share on simplifying your life or helping change the system?

I began this adventure as a total beginner experimenting with guerilla gardening, community activism, urban foraging, and a forest garden on my allotment. As time went on my blog has become more focused on reclaiming time, mindfulness and the healing power of nature.

Daring to have a go is part of the adventure and the power of what I’m doing, and all of us trying to simplify our lives all over the world.

As the world’s problems become more glaring, it can feel hard to keep the flame of courage and hope alive. A better world is possible, but how do we get from here to there? We’ll need to learn from and help each other, and that’s what this blog is about.


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award – a token of my appreciation and enjoyment of your wonderful blog. There is absolutely no obligation to participate, so please accept it as an honorary Liebster Award, if you’d prefer.

    However, should you wish to throw yourself completely into the Liebster pond, the details are here:

    All the very best,



    • That is so kind of you! Is there anything I need to do?


      • There are some questions on the post I’ve linked to – but they are there only if you’d like to answer them, or have time to. Please don’t feel any obligation. The folk I’ve nominated who have been able to take part so far, have each done so in their own way… Whatever suits best. We’re not being rigid about any ‘rules’ – just having fun with it really… and, as I say, there’s absolutely no obligation…


      • Hi Bookish Nature,
        sorry for the radio silence. Would love to answer your questions and will make some time to do so! Thanks again for your interest and support!


  2. beeseeker says:

    All of this sounds perfectly well balanced to me: especially the recognition that it can be “a stick” to beat yourself up with.
    good luck with it all.
    “Endeavour to persevere”


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